Terms and conditions – website use and purchasing online

1  Privacy Policy and GDPR

This website uses cookies to understand your arrival on this site, the pages you look at whilst you are here, and your departure from the site.  The resulting analysis, which is used by me to make the website more effective, is not shared with any third party and is periodically deleted, usually after approximately one month. Details of these cookies may be found on the website of Statcounter.

When you pay for an item using Paypal you are transferred to their website and subject to their own privacy policy which may be found by clicking this link.

2  Descriptions of items for sale

Descriptions of items for sale rely upon my own expertise and my own eyesight!   However, the photos also form part of the description.  In the event that there is undisclosed damage or restoration I will propose either a price adjustment or give a full refund.  A level of minor wear and blemishes are normal for 18th century ceramics so in order for such proposals to be made the relevant problem should be sufficiently material to impact the price paid for the object.  The buyer is wholly responsible for the cost of returning the goods in the original or equivalent safe packaging.

Attributions too rely on my own expertise.  In the event that an alleged incorrect attribution has a material adverse impact on the value of the item, the buyer must confirm the correct attribution with two recognised experts before seeking redress.  Such experts are likely to include those employed by leading auction houses and ceramic dealers in England or in other territories where English ceramics are collected and sold.

Other than in the circumstances of material undisclosed damage, restoration, or material mis-attribution there is no right of return or to a refund.

3   Shipping

The standard checkout process offers a range of uninsured and / or insured shipping solutions up to limited prescribed insurance limits.  For high value items customers are recommended to contact me for specific insurance quotations.  Many shippers to overseas territories exclude antiques and / or ceramics and such insured shipping when available can be expensive and will be at the buyer’s cost.

By accepting the shipping and insurance arrangements the buyer is accepting any risk over and above insured limits for the goods once they are packed and despatched.  Insurance claims are at the buyer’s risk unless they result from my negligent packing but I will, subject to any inability to provide proof of cost (see below), use all reasonable endeavours to pursue any such claim and achieve a successful outcome.  In the event of any insurance claim the buyer will provide any information reasonably required to allow a claim to be pursued, including photographs of any damage etc. .  In the UK the Post Office insures items up to a maximum of the sender’s cost, which may be lower than the buyer’s loss.  Post office claims may be refused if, as in some cases, as seller I have not retained evidence of my cost.

4  Foreign import duties and taxes

If you are not in the UK, I have no knowledge of, and no responsibility for, the laws in your country. US state tax will be applied at point of purchase if you reside in the US. You are responsible for purchasing Goods which you are lawfully able to import and for the payment of import duties and taxes of any kind levied in your country.

5   Security of your credit card

I take reasonable care to make my Website safe for you to use.

All card transactions on this website (including book sales) are processed using Paypal, a secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment.

To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple and secure, I use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the data you send to me or to Paypal over the internet. If SSL is enabled then you will see a padlock at the top of your browser and you can click on this to find out information about the SSL digital certificate registration.

6  Title

Title in the goods will only pass when payment has been received in full and has not been subject to re-recharge or re-debit.